Welcome, welcome one and all!

Welcome to my rambling blog of my journey through the world of BDSM. I spend a lot of my time online talking about and helping people with kink, and here is where I amalgamate those thoughts. My wonderful Sir has encouraged me to keep this blog going and to persue my creative outlet writing. I really hope that this helps people to learn, have the information I wish I had years ago, and maybe even have a laugh or smile along the way.

For those who are totally brand new to any form of BDSM or kink, I have my beginner focused blog posts- New Year New Kinky Me…A Guide and importantly Safety always cums first!

For information on different terms used within BDSM, I am working my way through expanding on different roles in my own words. These can be found above in my BDSM TERMS SERIES 
Some times I want to tell you all about my progress, my personal achievements and my dynamic. Just updates and my findings on living this kinky life. These are found in My Kink

For more information on me or to follow my upcoming work please check out my Twitter and Fetlife profiles, both linked in the top right corner of the page. Also see my Contact Page to get a hold of me with any questions, comments or if you would like to work on something.


Kez x

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